Sucker for punishment. And other terms I use to describe myself

Hello Internet, today is Friday, February 3rd, and unfortunately, Groundhog Day did not repeat itself a bunch of times, so I didn’t get several extra days to get all my stuff done.

I am a sucker for punishment.

A logistical nightmare.

A dangling participle.

Ok, I’m not a participle. But I do feel a bit dangly at the moment.

Basically, last night, I was talking to my parents – a thing I scheduled for last night because I knew it would be my last chance to talk to them for several days, and we already hadn’t spoken in more than a week – and I realized exactly how much stuff I am doing. So, in place of a proper blog entry, I present to you a list of things I am doing this February:

1) the jobs I normally have at the LSPU Hall and Artistic Fraud.

2) big workshop Feb 9-11th, and preliminary and subsequent drafts of the play.

3) finishing the draft of the NaNoWriMo novel – for the record, in order to do 50,000 in 29 days instead of 30, I have to average 1,724 words/day this month. Also, this novel still has no title, so I’m just going to continue calling it “the NaNoWriMo novel” for now.

4) acting as Assistant Director (I am the whole AD department… it is a little crew) on a short film that a buddy of mine is making (more on that in later weeks/when he tells me directly that I can talk about it on the internet).

5) potentially singing/playing/helping out with an album that some friends are making for the RPM Challenge.

6) one of four weekendly team leaders for the ski patrol (which means I go out this weekend, provided we don’t get blizzarded in).

So… what happened here was that sometime in October/November, I looked at my winter and went “Hm. Winter is a depressing time and I don’t have anything to do. I should fill that time with art so that I don’t get totally depressed.”

And then, I did. I actually chose February to write more novel because I figured that a bunch of my friends would be doing the RPM challenge and we could all go crazy together. It did not occur to me that I would be Asked to Help. And singing on an album is a secret goal for my life. So… yeah. Helping with that. AND the novel. And the film, and, of course, the workshop, which occupies my mind even when I’m not working on it.

As a friend who knows me very well told me last night, however, this is actually how I WANT to live. This too-many-things-on-the-to-do-list-to-properly-get-them-all-done-every-day thing is what I love best. And as soon as I get into the groove of February (ie. start getting up early, scheduling the gym into my day, and running around so hard that I don’t NEED 3 cups of tea to get myself to do it all), I’m going to love it more than anything. Take that, February Blahs!

*sidenote: “February Blahs!” was the name of a unit I did in my grade 6 English class. I have never heard the term before or since. I wonder what phrase my teacher was making kid-friendly.

In other news, everything happens for everyone else this month, too.

For example:

Dancing with Rage at the LSPU Hall

Rig at the Arts & Culture Centre

The Phantom of the Opera at Holy Heart Theatre (Prince of Wales Collegiate’s student production)

And the St. John’s Storytelling Circle is February 9th – the “Love, Lust & Legends” edition.

I expect that next Friday’s entry is going to get completely forgotten until probably Monday, so… my apologies in advance for that. In the meantime, you should definitely go to the storytelling circle next Thursday. And you should come to the staged reading of my play at the Rabbittown at 3pm on the 11th. And if you want to see Dancing with Rage, you should buy tickets… like, yesterday. Mary Walsh really knows how to sell out a show.