Give Me Back – 3-day workshop

So, there’s this play I’ve been working on. I’ve been working on it since late 2004. It is, shall we say, a slow burn of a play.

It’s about schizophrenia. This is an incredibly personal subject for me, and the play has been through a lot of drafts (I would give you a number, but I actually can’t anymore… lots and lots) since 2004. And because the subject is so delicate, I am very concerned about getting it “right.”

I am also very concerned about making sure that everyone gets paid. There are a lot of things that I have done for no money and will continue to do for no money, but I have pulled some of the best, most amazing artists in St. John’s in on this project and I am very intent on paying everyone for their time. And funding is… well, funding is an uphill battle. So at last, we are doing a final, three-day workshop, and at the end of it, there will be a one-draft-away-from-the-last-draft script, a storyboard for the film component, a hint of the musical themes, and a staged reading with actors. Where everyone gets paid.

James Lewis is the filmographer on the project, and Ian Foster is the composer. They are both brilliant, and both very, very supportive.

Thanks to the Newfoundland & Labrador Arts Council for helping to make this happen.