New Year’s Eve thoughts

Hello Internet, it’s New Year’s Eve, and this year, instead of resolutions, I am making a list of things I’ve learned about myself and the world so that I can make better-informed decisions in the future. Here is that list.

If doing something is making you unhappy, you should stop doing it. Immediately.

Trust yourself. Your gut is probably right.

When possible, there’s nothing like a trip to Europe to get yourself out of a funk.

Books are excellent, and reading is a tiny vacation every day. Almost as good as a trip to Europe.

You are awesome, but you are not a bottomless pit of awesome. Don’t waste it on people who don’t get it. (Credit here is owed to one of the most awesome people in my life, Kat Burke.)

Good food is worth the time, or the money, or both.

The best things that happen in life are scary. If you won’t take the risk, you’ll never know what could have happened.

There is no point in shielding your heart. Sometimes, you’ll get hurt, but if it works out, just once in your life, then it was worth it.

Being known for knowing everyone is not so bad, really.

There is no such thing as “too many friends.” That’s code for “too busy with social commitments and not enough time for work.” And that’s code for “my life is amazing.”

You don’t have to be directly involved in an emotional situation to be emotional about it. Just maybe watch what you say to people who are directly involved.

Your emotional health is directly related to your physical health. Take care of your body.

There isn’t always a silver lining. Then again, there isn’t always a cloud, either.