Holly & Ivy: holiday symbols in an old, old light

Hello Internet, today is Friday, December 9th, and I am ALL MYTHOLOGY ALL THE TIME.

So, I have a storytelling performance as part of the Resource Centre for the Arts Second Space Sundays series coming up this Sunday, and it is eating my brain a little.

Pretty much all of my “spare work time” (this is a new term I’ve invented that describes the hours when you are able to work on your own projects, as opposed to other people’s stuff) has been dedicated to researching, developing and learning 5 stories that will be told between 2pm and 3pm the day after tomorrow (gulp!).

Currently, the set list looks like this:

Holly: The Holly King & the Oak King (from the Celtic tradition)
Ivy: Dionysus’ Revenge (from the Greek)
Mistletoe: The Death of Baldur (from the Norse)
Reindeer: Herne, the Hunter (from the Celtic)
Fir tree: The Battle for Osiris (from the Egyptian)

The order may change, but that’s the gist of it.

I could research mythology for ages (because of the nerdiness), but now it is time to stop researching and start learning, which will involve (among other things), reading the stories on the treadmill, drawing pictures for myself, walking around town with my earphones in and my mp3 player off, talking to myself, and spending many hours talking to the walls in my living room.

There is nothing quite like storytelling to make me look and feel absolutely insane.

So, yes. You should come visit me at the Hall at 2 on Sunday. It’s only $5.

A parental advisory: There is a misconception that storytelling is for small children. Sometimes it is, but this performance isn’t. These stories contain incest, attempted rape, suicide, murder, and torture. Your kids are welcome, so long as I am not going to corrupt their little minds. If you have itsy bitsy youngsters, you should take them to see the Munsch show instead.