December. Holy cow.

Hello, Internet, it’s Friday, December 2nd. Already.

So, first thing’s first:

I DID IT! I WROTE 50,000 WORDS IN 30 DAYS! HURRAY! *happy dance*

Ahem. Ok. So, I hit my target in the middle of the afternoon on Wednesday. And then I had some food and beer with my writing buddy, who miraculously also hit his target within the same 5 minutes. It was fantastic.

To prove that I did it, I got this stamp. Here it is:

I am not sure why the fictional island of NaNoWriMo is tropical, but there you have it. Maybe other writers drink margaritas, but I was into the hot tea pretty heavily through the month of November.

The book is, by the way, absolutely NOT FINISHED. I probably have another 50,000 words to write on it, so I will have to declare some other month of the coming year to be NaNoWriMo 2 and do it all over again. Madness.

In other news:

I get to go see The Once in concert tonight! They do play shows here, but I am almost always out of town when they happen, so this is super-exciting to me.

(What? You don’t know who The Once are? Go here immediately!)

AND today, I went to the Bookery (the only independent book store in Newfoundland, which is closing after tomorrow! super sad face!), where there is a 30%-50% off sale and I have a whole lot of new books now. Some of them are Christmas presents. But probably half of them are for me. And that’s tremendous. I love books.

AND AND I have a storytelling performance coming up on the 11th as part of RCA’s Second Space Sundays series… so that is taking up a lot of my time right now. A whole lot of new stories all at once… I’m really excited about it. I love mythology.

So, that is my life this week. I have written half a book, and now that that giant project is temporarily off of the front burner, I am going to research myths and folktales and retell them. And read books. Because I am nerd. And a very happy one, at that.

Until next week!