7116 words…

Good morning, Internet, it’s Friday, November 4th, and my friend Lacy’s birthday! In honor of this momentous occasion, visit Lacy’s blog!

So, NaNoWriMo is going pretty well so far. I have done better than the daily goal every day (1667 words, which comes out to about 2.5 pages single-spaced), and am, actually, a full day ahead right now. Sometimes I even feel ok about the quality of the writing, which I consider to be a great bonus. It does mean, however, that I think things like “were there wooden barrels in the year 1400?” way too often.

So quite a lot of my headspace is occupied with fiction, and I am actually somewhat inclined to tell you about spending hours a day in my friends’ kitchen typing, but instead, I will talk about the performing arts in St. John’s. Because Oh My Goodness there is a lot going on!

Ok, first of all, last weekend was the end of MusicNL week, which took over life for a few of my favourite people. But the highlight was watching the awards ceremony on Sunday night (streamed live over the internet, because we live in the future), and seeing my pal Andrew James O’Brien win Best Male Artist, Best Pop/Rock Album and the Rising Star Award. That was very exciting. Also, some of Andrew’s music is available on his website for sample listening. The album is totally 3 awards worth of good.

Next: Yasmina Reza’s play, “God of Carnage” is playing this week in the Basement Theatre. The play is hilarious (and often crude – don’t bring the kids) and the actors are awesome and the director is awesome and I can’t wait to see it.

Also, S. E. Hinton’s “The Outsiders” is on, closing tonight. I know nothing about this play, but my buddy Ross (he was Claudius in Hamlet, if you were there for that) has a major role in the poster, so I assume awesomeness.

AND there are some classics playing tomorrow: Oedipus and Antigone have been touring the province for a couple of weeks and are in town for one public performance each – Oedipus at 1pm and Antigone at 5pm. I am working through both shows, so you should go on my behalf. If you needed any more encouragement, tickets are only $10!

And AND – Shakespeare by the Sea is holding a Fundraiser this weekend at the Newman Wine Vaults. The Finer Things involves things like wine tastings, cheese, specialty teas and a performance of Chris Hibbs’ play, “The Curious Case of the Colony.”

Theatre! Theatre everywhere!

And now I must go write some more fiction. And work this afternoon. And see theatre this evening. And party all night. But I leave you with this video, because it is pretty.


Congrats again, Andrew.