Meanwhile, in St. John’s…

Hello Internet, it’s about an hour after my last blog post, but I think these things deserve their own focus:

Ladies who Lunch Productions is running Three Tales of Terror, which I saw at their opening last night. It is probably one of the most interesting nights out at the theatre that I’ve seen in the past few years. The concept is that we are watching the live broadcast of three radio dramas, one at 8, one at 9 and one at 10. You can see/hear one ($10), two ($15) or all three of them ($20). Each of them are about 35-45 minutes long, so there is time for a drink and a chat with the artists in between. The three episodes are totally different from one another, but all written with that gorgeous sense of humour and the fantastic that Philip Goodridge does so well (if you’ve seen any incarnation of Eli and the Death Curse, you will know what I mean). I was legitimately frightened at least once, which is a remarkable accomplishment for a play that consists of four actors wearing headphones and standing at music stands in front of microphones, and a foley artist who is making those creepy noises in front of you, with the wheel of a toy telephone or a bag of shoes.

Here is their radio ad (how very appropriate!): soundcloud Also, they have a facebook page. And today, the box office is going to be open from 12:30pm on! Drop by or call 739-8220. Do it. It’s fun times.

The St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival continues today and tomorrow. The schedule is here.

Yesterday afternoon, I saw a beautiful, if incredibly sad, documentary about an Arabic woman living in Israel. It was gorgeous. And also very depressing. But so worth seeing. I have been able to take in disappointingly little of the lineup this year, but I have been overwhelmed by what I have seen, and all of the organizers I know wax eloquent about the quality of the films this year. It’s beautiful, affordable, and there are lots of opportunities. Get to it. Book tickets here.

(I picked up a new part time job yesterday, and it starts this afternoon – I’ll tell you all about it later, but it’s a nice-people-who-I’m-happy-to-help-out-plus-they’re-paying-me-to-do-it situation, which is lovely – so I’m not going to get to this afternoon’s screening of Miss Representation, and I’m kinda bummed about it. You should go for me. Below is the trailer.)


Also, the St. John’s Storytelling Festival is next week. I’m not going to be able to go to it (I’ll explain that a bit farther down) but you DEFINITELY SHOULD. Ivan Coyote is coming! Do you know about Ivan Coyote? No? Watch this:


Ok. So you want to go now, right? Check it out!

Ok, so my life. I have decided to dedicate myself to writing for a little while. I am still working at the LSPU Hall. I just picked up this other part-time job, which I’ll talk about more when I know more about it, but is in theatre, is flexible to my schedule, and is with some people I really like and whose work I respect. But mostly, I am writing. I am writing every day. It is an amazing thing to be doing.

This past Wednesday night, I read at The Rooms as part of an Emerging Writers Reading. What happened was this: in the winter, I was selected to take part in the Writer’s Alliance‘s mentorship program, and I have been working with a dramaturg they have provided for me ever since on a play that I’ve been writing and re-writing for years. And now the play is finally working. It’s pretty awesome. A workshop is coming up in the near future.

ANYWAY, there were 4 apprentices selected, and when The Rooms approached WANL for a showcase of emerging local writers, they just happened to have this list of apprentices. So I was asked to read.

There was the minor complication that I was working on a play and that plays are not generally read at literary events, particularly not by the writer, and so we settled on a program where my 20 minutes consisted of a few poems that I read aloud for the first time ever (most of these poems had not even been read by other people yet), and then the first few scenes of my script, which was greatly improved by the assistance of two beautiful young actors (they were the leads in Ismene) who agreed to do this as a favour to me/on a barter system. Those guys kick ass.

So, that was exciting. I don’t think I’ve done a public reading of my work since high school.

This weekend is WANL’s AGM and Professional Development Weekend, which means that I get to attend writing workshops all day tomorrow for hella-cheap. It starts tonight with a reading and the presentation of the Fresh Fish Award, but I will be there only in spirit, because I picked up a bar shift at the Hall. But if you are free this evening, that’s an exciting time.

And THEN, on Tuesday of next week, I am leaving for a 5-day writer’s retreat called Piper’s Frith, whereupon I will be more or less offline (and unreachable by cell) until Saturday afternoon. This is, um, TOTALLY FANTASTIC and I can’t wait to go be a poet for a little while.

(This is also useful timing, since my parents, who are the most likely people to be at the other end of the phone when it rings, are leaving for Greece on Tuesday. GREECE. Ridiculous. I want their lives.)

It does, however, mean that I have to miss the Storytelling Festival. It also means that chances are very low that I will be blogging next Friday. So… sorry about that. I’ll have to tell you about my unplugged experience early the next week.

And now that I’ve been blogging all morning, I am off to get some other things done before work. At this time yesterday, I was scheduled to work 0 hours today. Now it is more like 10. No complaints from me – but other stuff needs doing!