The week of no work

Hello Internet, it’s Friday, October 7th, and I’m in Corner Brook.

Tomorrow two good friends are getting married. To each other. There’s pretty much nothing better than that.

So tonight I’m in a little efficiency unit with shoddy internet access (it was working perfectly until about 3 minutes after the office closed, and I could totally call the number on the door and get someone to come back up here and reset the modem, but I feel like that would be unkind of me), eating pasta, watching Big Bang Theory and reading Neil Gaiman (not all at once, obviously… the pasta, then the BBT, and then the Neil Gaiman) before going to bed early.

(Ok, I have a little bit of a head cold. But I really am that boring. It’s Friday night and I’ll probably be in bed by 10. Yep.)

So, this week has been more or less fantastic. The rules of the game were these:

  1. No working, and only one or two responsible-adult things per day (banking, pharmacy, etc)
  2. Exercise every day.
  3. Play the guitar and sing every day.
  4. Read a little every day.
  5. Write a little every day.
  6. See some friends every day.

“The game” really only lasted from Monday to Thursday, but was a total success. I am relaxed and happy, head cold notwithstanding.

Side note on the head cold: if you’ve ever worked in theatre, you may be aware of the phenomenon that I call “post-show sick”. Essentially, you work so hard during a project that as soon as things calm down, your immune system decides to take care of that virus you picked up sometime during the project (because you were working 15-hour days and not sleeping enough and not always eating super-great), and you get sick. Like, right after it’s over.

So, yeah. Good week.

But there’s more!

Last night my buddy Ian Foster launched his new album, The Evening Light. It’s a great album (I pre-ordered, so I’ve been listening to it for a little over a month now), and the release party was fantastic. Yay for Ian!

Before I go: upcoming awesome things in St. John’s!

Next week: the Festival of New Dance! There’s a lot of exciting stuff happening with the FND, but most notably, Margie Gillis, winner of the Governor General’s Award for Lifetime Achievement, will be closing her piece Voyages into the Interior Landscapes on Tuesday, October 11th. Tickets to that, and all Festival performances, are available at the LSPU Hall Box Office. Make it happen.

The St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival is the week after, and the St. John’s Storytelling Festival is the week after that. More on those next time.

Off to… you know… sleep. And get better. So that I can go to a wedding tomorrow.

And good news! The internet works again! Go team! PUBLISH! (I’m hitting the right button this time. I promise.)