Delinquent… again

Hello, Internet, it’s Tuesday, September 27th.

…I fell off the wagon. Again.

I maintain that I will someday discover the trick to remembering to blog. I had it there for a while… and then… I don’t know. I got busy.

I have 2 things to say in my defense:

1) I totally blogged on September 2nd. I did. I wrote it all out and everything. I just… missed “Publish” button (it was late and I had had wine and “Save Draft” is higher up on the page… I know, I know). So it’s up now. Sorry.

2) Yes, I have been totally delinquent for the past 25 days. I did not even visit the website so that I could notice that the blog from September 2nd wasn’t posted. Janet left me a comment on the 20th that I didn’t get until this evening. BUT, to make you – my beautiful readers – feel less abandoned, allow me to briefly list a number of other things I have also not been doing (or doing well) since September 3rd:

-cardiovascular exercise;

-strength training;

-calling my parents;

-writing “optional” emails, ie: any email not relating to a task that had to be performed That Day. (Personal emails, especially. There is this one email in my Drafts folder that I have been writing to a best friend since August 23rd. It is a fairly extensive email containing details of my life, but STILL. AUGUST 23RD.);

-sleeping more than 6hrs/night.

Which leads me to… The Ark.

So, basically, about a million years ago (2009, I think), the idea came up that the National Arts Centre English Theatre should bring this project that they do to Fogo Island.

The Ark is a thing that NAC English Theatre does with the National Theatre School, where they take the 2nd year English-stream acting class of NTS and pair them one-on-one with professional actors from all over the country. Then all of these actors and students sit in a room with a few directors, designers and “experts” (ie: people with useful knowledge), and they read A Lot Of Plays from a movement, or an era, or even just a playwright. They’ve done Ancient Greece, the Renaissance, Brecht, Medieval Theatre, and I think a couple of others. And they read and talk and read and talk and read and talk for 3 weeks and on the last day they put together a presentation of scenes + stuff they’ve learned and they do it for the public.

So, ok, here are 2 organizations with “National” in the title. One of them is in Ottawa, and the other is in Montreal. This particular project has never taken place outside of Ottawa before. So Peter Hinton, who is the Artistic Director of NAC English Theatre, meets Zita Cobb, who is president of the Shorefast Foundation and my boss, and she says “Come to Fogo Island!”, and he says “Ok. Let’s read Henrik Ibsen.”

(I wasn’t at that conversation. That’s just how I see it going down.)

So the NAC wrote a proposal, which was sent to World’s End, and I sent it along to Zita with a comment that, basically, there was no way that I could do it by myself (it’s a HUGE project), so the Fogo Island Arts Corporation (a residency program) took it on and I just sort of helped out.

The theory behind reading Ibsen on Fogo Island is that both it and Ibsen’s homeland of Norway are in the North-Atlantic basin. Rocks, fish, ice, etc. I think it worked out better than we were expecting.

To avoid getting into a 100-page saga on Ibsen’s work and how it relates to outport Newfoundland, I will instead tell you what the average day has been like for the past 3 weeks.

7:00am – Wake up, shower, dishes, prepare 3 meals and pack bag.

8:30am – Pick up NTS students and take them to work.

9:00am – An hour’s worth of administrative work (emails, phone calls, occasionally errands).

10:00am – Awesome movement and vocal work, emulating all of the best parts of acting school.

11:00am – Break. Check phone/email.

11:15am – Lecture on something Ibsen-y.

1:00pm – Lunch. Check phone/email. Use spare minutes to put out fires.

2:00pm – Read a play.

6:00pm – “End of Day” (my favourite ironic phrase). Take NTS students home.

6:30pm – Arrive home. Eat food.

7:30pm – Cultural activity, such as square dancing, or visiting the craft guild, or storytelling, or song-swapping.

10:00pm – Arrive home. Read 19th century drama.

1:00am-or-so – Deep, dreamless sleep.

So, the end result was that I spent the last 3 weeks putting off anything that could be put off, including blogging. But this is the week for catching up, so in addition to the grant application, 2 final reports, a minute book, and all the cluing up from both The Ark and the World’s End Theatre Festival, I have updated this site. Not just the blog, but there is also new info on the Bio, Actor and Director pages. (I may get around to making those words links at some point when my busy-ness level has dropped from “No Longer Absolutely Inhuman” down to “Bored… What can I do?”, but for now, honestly, the links are right there. On the right. See? You can just go there. They are also part of the header bar above. Look at all the options!)

I am traveling on Friday (wasn’t the point of Fridays that I was usually NOT traveling on Fridays? Sigh.) but I will likely have lots of time in the Gander airport to reflect and/or blog before the 5-hr bus ride home. Maybe if you all clap your hands the Tinkerbell of my blogging won’t die. (See what I did there? Oh, God, I need to sleep more…) So, Friday afternoon, around, say, 3pm… think of me. And maybe I’ll hear your thoughts and go “Oh! I should blog!”