In absentia…

So, I’m useless at blogging. Sorry, guys.


Due to popular demand (read: my friends are making fun of me), and because my friend Andrew helped me find the login page so that I can actually update this site, I am going to attempt to blog again on a less-frequent-and-therefore-more-likely-to-be-successful schedule. Say… once a week? On – or by – Fridays. Because, let’s be honest, my life does not actually lend itself to days of the week, but as trends go, I travel on Thursday all the time and I am usually more at a loose end on Fridays. Usually.

But first, a quick review of things I’ve been doing since we last spoke.

1) produced the World’s End Theatre Festival in Fogo Island

2) directed the children’s show, If You Could Wear My Sneakers, at the Stephenville Theatre Festival

3) rewrote the play I’ve been working on

4) developed and performed an hour-long storytelling performance based on Shakespeare and his comedies

5) was Guildenstern in Hamlet

6) worked many shifts at the LSPU Hall

7) was visited by my parents, which resulted in touristy visits to Ferryland, Cupids, Placentia, Cape St. Mary’s, and a whole bunch of the East Coast Trail

8 ) turned 27. [An aside: See that space between the 8 and the )? That’s because WP turns eight-close parenthesis into 8) . And I’m just not cool enough to pull that off.]

This morning, I said goodbye to my bedroom once again. (You know how absence makes the heart grow fonder? I’ve found that that’s not necessarily true with human beings, but is 100% true when it comes to my bedroom. The more I am away from my bedroom, the more I long for it.) I am writing this from Hava Java, where I have come to get a little bit of work done. Next up, I have a hair cut, followed by a 5-hour shift at the Hall, followed by a ride out to Cupids with some friends to see The Merchant of Venice (this is the part where I plug my friends: check out the New World Theatre Project. It’s their last weekend and I can tell you first-hand that Henry IV is really good), followed by a lift to Harbour Grace where I will be staying for a nice weekend of alternately being Aunt Sharon to my friends’ kids and then drinking with those kids’ parents. Then, Sunday morning, we’re off to Fogo Island for a giant project which, I am sure, I will tell you all about in detail next week when it is all I can think about.

Is it weird that I’m starting up this Friday-cause-it’s-a-more-sensible-day-of-the-week on a day like today? Inquiring minds want to know.