Holy **** it’s MONDAY!

Hello, Internet, it’s Monday, April 4th… how did THAT happen?

Adrift moved into the Hall today. As is typical for the couple of days before a show goes up, we are back again tomorrow, and in the morning on Wednesday, before opening show Wednesday night. I spend my days running on adrenaline and my nights exhausted.

This week has been amazing. Obviously, I love the work. But it’s easy to forget, when I’m up to your eyeballs in grant applications and sponsorship packages and various other forms of administration and red tape, that the payoff is that sometimes, I get to be in rehearsal.

The end result being: if you’re in St. John’s, please come see the show. Book tickets here in advance to save some cash. We are having a great time – but it would be way better if you were there too.