Hey guys – you know it’s spring everywhere else, right?

Hello Internet, it’s Monday, March 28th, and I’m home.

Today, I woke up in London, flew across the Atlantic, checked my email in Halifax, flew over to St. John’s, and had a cast read a script at my house. Hitting the ground running, indeed.

Some thoughts about vacation:

1) It is AMAZING to be without your phone for a week and a half. Your stress level drops almost immediately. It has made me think that I need to turn off my phone – or at least, all of the email bits of my phone – off much more frequently throughout the average day… and maybe on weekends. I was still checking email occasionally the whole time (my phone, when switched back on, informed me that I had received 178 emails since I left home the night of the 15th – I knew it seemed calm!), but not having new email blasted in your face is really nice. Oh smartphone, you are a double-edged sword.

2) Reading is kind of the bomb. Remember, before facebook and youtube, when the internet was for communicating with people you already knew, and every television show and movie ever made wasn’t waiting to be found in its depths? We used to read for entertainment! I love reading, and I honestly don’t think I’ve read as much as I did these past 10 days since high school. I devoured books. Also, reading before you sleep is way, WAY more relaxing than tv before you sleep. I was aware that studies existed to that effect, but its truth is so obvious to me now that I am officially vowing to leave my computer OFF of my bed and to actually read the books that have been sitting on my side-table for a year and a half.

3) I really, really like St. John’s. Obviously, or I would have left it by now for somewhere that has seasons of a normal length. For example, this past Friday, St. John’s was hit with a vicious snowstorm. I was in Geneva, though, where it was 19C and sunny. In fact, it is springtime everywhere I went, including Scotland, which is significantly closer to the North Pole than we are.

But anyway, glad to be home, heaps of snow and unplowed sidewalks notwithstanding. And I’m hitting the ground running: Adrift is opening at the Hall next Wednesday!


Postscriptum: Yes, there is an election May 2nd. I have a lot of opinions about it, but in an effort to avoid becoming a “Canadian Politics” blog for the next 6 weeks, I will refer you to my friend Ballyhoo, who is a very smart fellow and who has just started a blog observing this election’s progress. He is not a political scientist, just an intelligent, concerned Canadian citizen who is keeping track of his efforts to make sense of it all. Check it out.