The day before…

Hi Internet, it’s Monday, March 14th.

It seems that I am always talking to you, Internet, the day before the grants are due. Today is no exception. 2 grants due tomorrow.

The horrible sore throat has been in and out, and now, 6 days later, it has settled in my nose. Luckily, I can spend most of today in my bed, since I have nothing that requires my leaving the house until 4pm. Tomorrow is a different story, but today I will focus on getting better (and also, writing grants) up until 3:30, then going to a meeting and returning to bed to continue the better-getting and grant-writing processes.

Also laundry.

Man, I’m SO bad at laundry.

Today is also the day before I leave for Europe… and there are SO MANY THINGS to do before I leave for Europe. The grants, for once, are totally overshadowed by my desire to clean my room, find my camera, pack my bags, do the dishes and change the sheets on my bed (all of which will happen tomorrow).

So, the end result here is that I will have to check you later, Internet!

Wish me luck!

ps. Today is Pi Day. Tomorrow is the Ides of March. And I am the nerdiest nerd who ever nerded.