Home, sweet, cold, home.

Hello, Internet, it’s Monday, February 28th, and everything is due tomorrow, so this is going to be brief.

So, after an awesome weekend in Calgary, I went to the airport an hour before my 00:10 o’clock flight. The flight didn’t board until 00:30. I was honestly too tired to care. It occurred to me that I might miss my connection in Toronto, but as soon as I got on the plane, I was asleep. I don’t remember the safety video, or taking off, or any of the flight at all.

I woke up just above Toronto, listening to a passenger announcement that said, more or less: “We’re so late that about half of the people on this plane have connections they might make if the other half of you would be kind enough to sit patiently for an extra few minutes while all of the panicked folks run to their next gate. Thanks.” So I got off with the first half of people, discovered that gate 124 is nowhere near gate 141, and walked determinedly (I was WAY too still-asleep to run anywhere) to my next plane, where they kindly let me on.

Then I fell asleep again.

I have the vague impression, based on the tone of voice of the stewardess and the way she was waving the garbage bag in front of my aisle-seat face to get at the window-seat person the one time I drifted towards consciousness, that I wouldn’t have enjoyed that flight anyway.

I got into St. John’s roughly on time, was picked up by my awesome friend, and brought home, where the heat in my room has been off for a couple of weeks. And while St. John’s is much warmer than Calgary, it is still sub-zero, so now I am bundled up in housecoat and blankets, in the living room with the curtains open to let in the sunlight (which makes it feel warmer, anyway), with the heat on AND the portable space-heater going by my feet. I have brewed tea. I have some soup to eat. I am playing vinyl records, which has nothing to do with the temperature but is just good. And by sometime this afternoon, my room will be warm enough to support life.

And now I am going to work until it is dark out. Yay!