Sea planes and sky trains and bike lanes, oh my!

Hello, Internet, it’s Monday, February 21st (or at least it is in Newfoundland… it’s still Sunday evening here in BC), and this is how I spent my weekend.

Saturday morning, I woke up around 6 (naturally, because I am still a bit jet lagged and have no intention of forcing myself to adjust just so I can be jet lagged the opposite way when I go home), was driven to Nanaimo by my wonderful father and then got a sea plane to Vancouver! I was in downtown Vancouver by 9:10am… the plane took 20 minutes when the ferry takes an hour forty. And it almost evened out when you consider the ferry + a taxi to downtown, and it was just luxurious that I had to do it.

Soooo, I can’t think of any other time when I’m ever going to ride a sea plane, so I brought my camera. You can see the whole shebang below, though there’s no sound because I took out the roaring of the plane, but have no non-copywritten music to replace it with. Best to turn on your favourite flying tune before watching.


The plane is, in fact, so noisy that they give you earplugs with the barf bags.

It’s kind of awesome.

Maybe the best part of the sea plane experience was how totally cool everyone else was about it. I mean, I was engaging every scrap of self-control in my body not to be physically bouncing up and down through the whole flight and chanting “I’m on a sea plane! I’m on a sea plane!” but nobody else seemed to even notice. They could have been on the Metrobus for all their enthusiasm. I would like never to come to the point that I don’t find things exciting anymore.

Ok, then I was in Vancouver, and I had about 2 hours to kill, so I went to Granville Island (as you do). For those who don’t know, Granville Island has a giant toy store complex with a train outside, a pint-sized Children’s Entrance, and an arcade and games room upstairs. This building is maybe my favourite building in the world, because I can wander around, play with the trains and the puppets and the kites and fantasize about owning these things and only be able to talk myself out of purchasing several large packages by reminding myself that I would have to get them back to Newfoundland with me, whereupon I would have to store them, supposedly.

I did buy one thing, though. You might see it in a few days.

THEN, it was time to start walking to my audition (ie: 70 minutes before it was scheduled). I walked along the sea wall, which was beautiful, partly because of the amazing weather, but also because of the water, and the boats, and the mountains behind… I didn’t manage a picture of it myself, but here is one from the internetz:

See? Pretty.

It was probably about 10C in the sun, and I was walking with my coat undone and my hat off. I was surrounded by joggers in hot pants and tank tops, who were jogging past walkers who were strolling along in parkas. Surreal.

Anyway, I got to the theatre, did my audition and met up with my friend Andy for lunch (tofu, mostly, in coconut-mango sauce with red onions on spinach), went house hunting (for Andy, not for me – holy COW real estate is crazy in Vancouver!), then went to Gastown (on the sky train!) to find that my favourite book store, Bizbooks, is gone. Their website is still up, but I don’t get to go into their store and read all the spines and pick out plays and spend way too much money buying them. Sad face.

Then I took the usual bus/ferry route back to Nanaimo, was picked up by my father, and brought home for supper, old BBC mysteries, and sleep.

Sunday, that same father took me skiing. At Mt. Washington. So, just to give you an idea:

So… yes. I totally won the weekend. Hurray!