Theatre is my Valentine

Hi Internet, it’s Monday, February 14, so… Happy Valentine’s Day to you.

It’s a Valentine’s Day tradition of mine to go to the theatre. It started in 2007, when my class was in England, and my roommate and I went to an open mic comedy night together, where we ran into two other classmates who were also out for Valentine’s, and sat together, in what could easily have been mistaken for four girl friends out on the town but was in fact an all-mostly-straight-girl double date. The comic made fun of us. A lot.

Anyway, it was so much fun that I did it the next year (c2c’s Beyond Therapy) and the year after that (Theatre St. John’s Saltwater Moon… actually, while 52 Pickup, which I had directed, was playing. But I’d already seen that one!) and the year after that (Artistic Fraud’s Fear of Flight – it still counts as going to the theatre if you’re working, right?). And it has always been lovely.

But this year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Monday – the day off for theatre types. What would I do? No Valentine’s Day show? I considered tracking down an open mic, a good band show, maybe even a storytelling event… but then it occurred to me.

I was already going to be spending Valentine’s Day with the Theatre.

You see, this year, World’s End is applying for NLAC Sustaining Funding. The application for Sustaining Funding is a 30-page opus that talks about what you’ve done, what you’re doing, what you’ll do, and, of course, how all the money lines up.

Also, World’s End is applying to the NLAC Professional Festivals Program. You can’t get both, but if we don’t get Sustaining and we haven’t applied for Festivals, we will be in a bit of a spot.

Both applications are due February 15th. Tomorrow. I spent the weekend in Fogo Island with an empty office and the box of files, so most of it is done, but it’s always those last little things that take eons.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I must go figure out why my numbers don’t add up to what I think they should add up to.

EDIT: They’re done. It’s 3:41am… but they’re done. Photocopying and handing in is all that remains.

Dear Theatre,

I love you, and always will, but you really sucked at making me feel loved this year.

I think you owe me chocolate. And sooner than next Valentine’s Day.

Irately yours,