Metrobus is back! *happy dance*

Hello Internet, it’s Monday, January 31st, and METROBUS IS BACK ON THE ROAD!

This is perfect timing, since it is currently snowing buckets and I am going to my job a 50-minute walk (or 15 minute bus ride) away tomorrow, and now I get to arrive not sweaty or rushed, and also not out $15 in cab fare. Yay!

FURTHERMORE, the riding the bus is free until Valentines Day, $1 for the rest of the month, and doesn’t go back to its usual price until March 1st.

So… everybody: GET ON THE BUS. Prove to the city that it’s a worthwhile service. Please. Because if that service is reduced this year, I am going to cry. I will even record it for you and post it on youtube. The tears.

In other news, I handed in a grant application this morning (completed a whole day beforehand! win!), went to the gym, picked up homemade granola from a friend, went for a walk, came home, cooked food, cleaned the freezer, did a massive amount of laundry and then went to the tail end of the MusicNL open mic at the ship, hosted – tonight – by Ian Foster.

The point of this story is twofold:

1) Ian Foster’s awesome. For serious. If you don’t know about him you should check him out.

2) This week I’ve decided to be an adult. Which, in my case, involves three major initiatives:

Exercise: Going to the gym 3 times a week has been part of the routine for a while, but ideally, I will be less of a whiner about it. Also, I’m going to try and use the snow as a reason to go outside rather than an excuse to stay inside. Specifically, I’m hoping to go for more walks “just because” than I did last winter. Snow is pretty, right?

Nutrition: Ok, I’m only going to say this once (that’s a big lie, I’ll say it again in about half a sentence): I do not enjoy cooking. I do not enjoy cooking so much that I will put off cooking until I am so hungry that I don’t want to wait the 15-60 minutes between when I start cooking and when I start eating. Luckily (unluckily), this isn’t (is TOTALLY) a problem, because I live at “fish & chips corner” (my term). By this, I mean that within a five-minute walk of my house there are three restaurants that sell primarily deep-fried food, not to mention the two Chinese places, and all of them will happily take your order over the phone, wrap it up in brown paper, and let you come by and pick it up, which is easy to do because – as you recall – they are all within a 5-minute walk. And frankly, if it were possible to get all of the necessary nutrients from french fries and not gain 300 pounds, I could probably live quite happily on french fries for the rest of my life.

So it is actually quite a big deal when I cook. Now, I make toast like a champ, and cold cereal is a staple of my diet, and I am pretty good at boiling water and putting pasta in it. But if we’re defining “cooking” as an activity where more dishes are dirtied than the bowl/plate and cutlery used to eat, I hadn’t “cooked” in… a month? Jeez, that’s embarrassing. Yeah, probably about that. (Let’s keep in mind that I am not classy enough to bother transferring my food from a pot to a bowl if the pot is a manageable thing to eat out of… cooking for one has its joys.)

BUT today I made pad thai! (Is it still pad thai if you use tofu instead of egg, brown rice instead of noodles, and string beans instead of green onions? No? Darnit!) Ok, today I made a tofu/veggie stirfry with brown rice and pad thai-themed sauce… and I would like to point out here that brown rice takes an hour to cook. And there’s enough to eat for 3 days! So I don’t have to cook again until THURSDAY. As my mother would say, I have planovers for the next few days.

Normal human-being behaviour: I am pretty good at getting stuff done… or at least, the stuff I get paid to do. I am, however, incredibly bad at doing normal, every-day, normal human being stuff. I am a total failure at laundry. I like doing dishes less than I like cooking. And, while I’m admitting embarrassing truths about my life, until today, my suitcase from my trip home (now officially a month ago) was still lying open on my bedroom floor. It was empty, because I had washed and worn everything in there at least once since I got home, but it was still there.

So for the rest of the week, I’m on a laundry-doing, dish-cleaning, meal-cooking, gym-going, house-cleaning binge. Also teaching children, writing grant applications, and all of the other usual stuff. Wish me luck!

And now, if you’ll excuse me… I am going to sleep on my nice clean sheets!