Happy New Year!

Hello, Internet, it’s Monday, January 3rd, and I am spending as much of today in bed as I can manage.

The reasoning is this:

1) I was “on holiday” for 2 weeks, during which time I traveled back and forth from Ottawa to Toronto, Toronto to Kitchener-Waterloo AND from Ottawa to Montreal, had 3 separate work engagements, saw my entire family (minus my cousin and her daughter who were waylaid by infectious disease when I went to visit them), and hung out with so many central-Canada-type friends that the idea of counting them makes me tired.

2) I got back to St. John’s on Thursday, and have been continuing my holiday visiting here, especially with people who are (or were) themselves “home for Christmas” and who I would not be able to see for at least another several months.

3) Tomorrow I start work at St. Joseph’s again, which indicates that it is, in fact, the end of my “holiday” and I will have to be a useful person and write budgets and send emails and generally behave responsibly.

4) Today, all I have to do is go to the gym (which will justify spending the rest of the day in bed eating toast and drinking tea and watching movies and/or reading and/or napping) and pick up my guitar from my friendly neighbourhood action-lowering place. Well, and write this blog entry, but I’m almost done with that, now.

So, as much of today in bed as possible. Yes.

I did have a tremendous Christmas and New Year, and I hope you did too. There is much to be done in 2011, and I am excited to get started… but all that can wait until tomorrow.

Happy New Year, everyone!

ps. I saw The King’s Speech yesterday, and if you have any interest in 20th century western history, or just have a crush on Colin Firth, you should see it too. It’s very well done.