Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa

Forgive me, Internet, for I have sinned.

It is Monday, January 24th, and shamefully, I have not updated since Monday, January 10th.

My Uncle Bob (a very smart man) tells me that my biggest error as a blogger has been to make a promise of 2 entries a week, so that when I am sick (as I was on Thursday the 13th) or away from home (as I was all of last week), it doesn’t matter if I miss an entry every now and then. But, since I did make that promise, I owe you, oh Internet, 3 entries – 2 of them videos – for the time I have missed.

So, as penance, I will post this week:

Today, Monday, a written entry as per usual (you’re reading it now)

Tomorrow, Tuesday, a video entry, to make up for the missed entry on the 13th.

Wednesday, a written entry, for the 17th.

Thursday, a video entry as per usual.

Friday, a video entry, for the 20th.

Saturday you will likely not hear from me. I expect to be tired.

For today, a brief tale about spam*.

*not the meat product, the kind where robots send you messages.

When I first started this blog, alllllll the way back in August, I got really, really excited whenever I got a comment. Comments meant someone was reading this website. At first, all of these comments were from close friends and family. THEN I started to receive messages from people I didn’t know.

This was AWESOME. Blogs are meant to be read by the world at large, and up till this point, the only people reading my thoughts were the people who could’ve asked me for them in person. I was so elated that I barely noticed the poor grammar, or that the name of the poster was “Home improvement loans” or “weight loss”. My blog is set up to store all comments in a moderation panel until I can get in and personally approve each of them individually. Encouraged by the idea that I could be reaching a broader audience, I happily approved every comment.

A few weeks later, I started to receive comments containing hyperlinks having nothing to do with my blog or anything I was talking about. This is when I found the “Mark as Spam” option on my moderation panel. I started to be suspicious about the continuing comments from “car rental”, but since they contained no links and were largely complimentary of my work, I continued to approve them.

Then, the flood gates opened… or rather, they exploded, never to be repaired.

Since December, I have been receiving 200+ comments a day, the vast majority of them reading like this:

“You not planning to believe this but I have lost all day seeking for some content articles about this. I desire I knew of this web page earlier, it had been a fabulous study and surely helped me out. Possess a very good 1!”

Or this:

“Spectacular submit! It had been terribly inspirational, so I appreciate your tricky get the job done! I’ll make positive to share this using a number of friends who I know would like it.”

Or this:

“My neighbor and I were just debating this specific subject, he’s usually looking for to prove me incorrect. Your view on that is great and precisely how I actually feel. I simply now mailed him this website online to indicate him your individual view. After trying over your website I guide marked and will likely be coming again to learn your new posts!”

[Please note: all of these are actually copy/pasted from my comments moderation panel. I am not brilliant enough to come up with anything like that.]

And now, I have been away from my beloved blog for a week and a half, and there are no fewer than 2600 comments of this nature waiting for me to moderate them. Each of them. Individually.

So, with that, I bid you adieu, and I ask for your forgiveness on one last thing: if you posted a comment in the past couple of weeks, I might miss it and mistakenly trash it. Terribly sorry. Please do not be deterred from commenting in the future – I do not intend to allow a backlog like this to build up, ever again.