“Holiday” – part 2

Good morning, Internet, it’s Monday, December 27th, and my storytelling performance is tomorrow.

Holy crap. That is all.

In other news, it has been a wholly successful Christmas. I am, in fact, still in Montreal right now, about to go eat more raw veggies in baba ganoush (because in Montreal, unlike in Newfoundland, it is possible to find baba ganoush with no mayonnaise in it), more gingerbread and shortbread cookies, and more of my Aunt Jan’s Nuts & Bolts, the best concoction of cereals, pretzels, cashews (and cheese sticks for everyone else) ever. Also on the to-do list today: finishing the 2000-piece puzzle started yesterday by my ambitious aunts and cousins.

Yesterday, while bending relentlessly over the pile of half-upside-down pieces, two aunts and I discussed how rare it must be for extended families to make excuses to see each other the way that our family does, and how unlikely it is that we all enjoy each others’ company as much as we do.  As with many North American families, I’m sure, Christmas is a time of entirely more food and wine than any of us consume normally, but the food only adds to the pleasure of each others’ company. We do not need to be always talking to each other – our family is one of introverts, and so quite often everyone who is not jigsaw puzzling is sitting side by side reading books and doing crosswords, sudokus and anacrostics.

[The above was written this morning. Since then, we have both finished and taken apart the puzzle, eaten lots of snacks, and gone for a walk in the cold but sunny afternoon.]

Well, I’m off to get another bowl of nuts & bolts and to work on a story for tomorrow. Happy holidays, everyone!