“Holiday” – part 1

Good morning, Internet, it’s Monday, December 20th, and I am in Toronto!

Since I got to Ontario, I have sung Christmas carols and raised money for the snowsuit fund, done a first read for Othello, seen the Ottawa Theatre School’s Twelfth Night, rented a car and driven to Toronto, had a little kareoke party at the Rivoli, and seen… um… (quick count) 21 friends. And there are still SO MANY PEOPLE TO SEE!

Yesterday, one of these friends asked me if I enjoy my holidays, and I said “… holidays?”

It occurs to me that some people take some time off in late December to relax, bake cookies, read books and enjoy not working. But those people confuse me.

I suppose that not working would be a very appealing prospect to people who do not love their job to the point of obsession, but I do not fit into that category. I was dying to sit down with the cast of Othello and read some folio Shakespeare. I booked Twelfth Night tickets way in advance because I was crazy excited to see it. I have been working on all of the things that I always work on, just a little less so because I am using a lot of my time to see people.

And how, I ask the world at large, do people manage to go back to their hometowns without packing their days full of food and coffee dates with friends? My days in Ontario tend to go like this: breakfast date, coffee date, lunch date, coffee date, supper date, drinks with friends. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Do I enjoy my holidays? So much. I just always need a little break afterward to recuperate.