OMG my friends are SO TALENTED!

Hello, Internet, it’s Monday, November 22nd, and last week was a very good week.

First, Robert Chafe won the GG for Afterimage on Tuesday! (I know, I know, I covered that last time. But it’s exciting.)

THEN, on Saturday, The Once took home TWO of the Canadian Folk Music Awards. This should not be a surprise to anybody who has heard them play or listened to their album, but it is awfully nice to know that folks (ha ha… “folks”… clever, Sharon) have noticed how incredibly awesome they are. If you are not aware of their unusually high level of awesomeness, you need to check them out. Seriously. Right now. Click here.

Also on Saturday, I went to see a matinee of 5 new very short plays in the sand, and it was very, very good. It was, shamefully, the first time I had made it to any of newfoundlandartistx’s short play productions, and it really was one of the most interesting theatrical experiences I’ve ever had. It’s not rare to see a double-bill of one-act plays, but a quintuple-bill is pretty unheard of. The artistic director’s note on the program credits the idea to a conversation that Lois Brown (the Artistic Director in question) had with Daniel MacIvor (internationally renowned playwright and and performer… if you don’t know who he is, you need to go here), during which he lamented that playwrights have a tendency to draw out a 6-minute idea into a two-hour play in order to conform to the standards their audiences hold them to.

So, what does a six-minute play look like? It may seem obvious, but it is still worth saying: it’s dense. We’re not used to seeing an entire plot in so short a period, and it makes every word and every action significant. Nothing is thrown away. There are no jokes thrown in just to make the audience laugh. Every moment you spend watching one of these plays is a moment you spend digesting each inflection, each double meaning, each facial expression.

If you did that to an audience for 2 straight hours, they’d be exhausted by the end. As it was, I left the theatre feeling inspired and energized. It is so lovely to see such original work produced to such a high standard.

Also also on Saturday (Saturday was a busy day, apparently), I went to see the first ever stage performance of That’s What She Said, a shiny new cover band in town, featuring a strange blend of folks I know through theatre and folks I know through ski patrol. It was a very, very good first impression. They are a full-out rock & roll band with 3 (2 on Saturday, poor Jenn had lost her voice) gorgeous and crazily talented girl singers. I am already looking forward to their next gig.

In other news, Momentum opens on Thursday, and I intend to plug it shamelessly until it closes on Saturday. It is by Governor General’s Award-winning playwright Robert Chafe and costs $12/seat. Space is limited and we’re not selling tickets at the door, so you need to Call the Hall (753-4531) or go here to book them. It’s no longer on a bus, due to the ongoing Metrobus strike, but it’s going to be super cool anyway because we have all these neat effects (and also, the script is, like, good, and stuff…). Shows at 8pm and 10pm. Come out!