Airport thoughts

Good morning, Internet, it is Monday, October 4th (at 6:30AM, to be exact), and I am at the airport.

One of the best things about the St. John’s airport is the free wifi.  It allows me to work or play in a connected way and save all of my disconnected activities (mostly book-reading, although today that activity will be sleeping) for the airplane.  One of the worst things about the St. John’s airport is the complete lack of beyond-security, non-Tim Horton’s food options.  It’s not even the version of Tim Horton’s that makes soup and sandwiches.  You can buy coffee en masse and have a donut or a muffin.  Since I dislike coffee (and besides, have plans to sleep on my flight) and am allergic to most normal food, this version of Tim Horton’s is totally useless to me, and I often wind up buying a bag of chips from the magazine stand in desperation.

I know a lot of people really hate traveling, but to be honest, I don’t mind it at all.  Since I moved to Newfoundland in 2003, I am so used to traveling back and forth to Ontario that I can pack a 2-to-3 week trip into a carry-on suitcase and my backpack within half an hour and usually not forget to do anything important (although today, while packing at 4:30am, I did fail to go through my purse and attempted to go through security with a corkscrew… I don’t even know where I GOT that corkscrew… when did I start carrying around a corkscrew?).  And plane times are kind of ideal sleep/movie-watching/book reading times when I don’t have to think about anything.

Oh! Boarding. ‘Scuse me.