Blogging fail.

Good morning Internet, it’s Mon-

Ok, it’s Tuesday, September 28th. Whoops. Sorry.

I had a very successful patron-of-the-arts weekend.  To start it off, I finally made it upstairs to see a little bit of the Festival of New Dance.  The show I saw featured Louise Moyes’ new docudance, St. John’s Women, Gwen Noah’s OK, and Tristan Rehner’s remount of Kitchen.  And… well, it was not at all what I was expecting. It was way better.

Louise’s piece is combination of film, photography, theatre and dance.  It’s about three women from three different generations who grew up and continue to live in St. John’s.  It’s funny, and sweet, and generally really lovely.  And it contains so many art forms! Very cool.

Gwen’s piece was more traditional dance.  Gwen was gorgeous, of course, but the thing that stood out was the live cellist who accompanied her.  The music was a combination of cello and sort of recorded looped electronic music, which Norman Adams (the principle cellist for Symphony Nova Scotia) played on his macbook.  Sort of a combination DJ/musician.

Kitchen was incredibly sweet.  Also sort of a combination of dance and theatre, it’s about three women who lean on each other when their lives start to fall apart.  Totally gorgeous, not always accompanied by music (sometimes the women make the music themselves by stomping their feet), and featuring a few totally normal household objects. I think I’m going to remember that performance for a long time.

Then on Sunday, I went to see Theatre St. John’s production of West Side Story, which was a huge accomplishment for a company that young.  Fantastic dancing, beautiful singing, a very impressive set (she said, with absolutely no bias whatsoever, despite the fact that she helped to paint it).  Kelly-Ann Evans was Just So Good as Anita.  She really stole the show.  I was very, very glad I got to see it.  What a great musical that is.  Also, it gets all of my Shakespeare-nerd whiskers twitching.

After my musical theatre experience, a friend and I went down to the Newman Wine Vaults and dropped in to the Writer’s Guild’s WordFest 2010.  We felt a little bit out of place, being the only people in attendance under 50, but we got to hear Bernice Morgan read from her latest novel, which was completely lovely.  Bernice Morgan is excellent.

It was also my first time in the Wine Vaults, and they are wonderful! I saw very little wine, but the space where the reading took place is fantastic.  Gravel floor, arched ceiling, brick walls, long and narrow.  No wonder Shakespeare by the Sea does shows in there. It’s perfect! I am now dreaming up all kinds of fun things to do in a wine vault.

In closing… I got a part in a play! Hurray! First read tomorrow. More on that next time.