Hello Internet, it’s Monday, September 20th, and St. John’s is about to be hit by a hurricane.

Now, if you’ve been reading this blog, you might remember that I once actually lamented the fact that St. John’s was going to be spared the fury of Hurricane Earl, since I wasn’t going to get any weather-based excuse to play board games instead of running errands.

Well, I’m another 3 weeks older, and in my increased wisdom, I have to say…

What on earth was I thinking??

Hurricane Igor is on his way. Copy/pasted from the weather network:

“A trough of low pressure currently over Western Newfoundland will slowly move eastward to lie on a north-south orientation over the east coast on Tuesday. Meanwhile, hurricane igor is currently 800 kilometres south of Sable Island and will pass south of the Avalon Peninsula on Tuesday. Widespread rainfall amounts exceeding 50 millimeters are expected for central southern and Eastern Newfoundland with total accumulations possibly reaching 150 millimeters on the Avalon Peninsula. Heavy rain can cause dangerous driving conditions, reduced visibility and local flooding. In addition, strong wind gusts of 100 to 120 km/hour will develop over Southeast Newfoundland on Tuesday. Elevated water levels with high waves and pounding surf will affect the south coast and east coast … Northerly winds are forecast to gust between 100 and 120 km/h. By nature a tropical storm also implies the threat of local flooding from heavy rainfall.”

Ok, wait. High waves, pounding surf, and local flooding? That doesn’t sound like board game weather to me… That actually sounds like throw-an-extra-pair-of-shoes-in-your-backpack, dig-out-those-stylish-rain-pants, don’t-bother-with-the-umbrella-cause-it’ll-only-blow-away-and-besides-it’s-raining-sideways weather.  And unlike Earl, which was scheduled to blow through over a period of time when I only had to leave the house on an elective basis, I, and, imagine, a great deal of other St. John’s residents, have to leave my home to go to work tomorrow.  Not to mention that I have to leave the Hall tonight after work and walk home, uphill, in the pouring rain.


I also mentioned in my last post that I was working bar/box office at the LSPU Hall all week for the Festival of New Dance, and that I was hoping to get upstairs to see some of the pieces… but I haven’t.  I have been training new box office/bar staff so that the poor box office supervisor can take the occasional weekend off, and to be honest, I’m not sure that I’m going to get to see anything… which will be sad. But I still love the job.  AND:

I DID get to spend yesterday becoming an assistant instructor for the ski patrol.  I’d been a member of ski patrol since I first moved to Newfoundland in 2003, and it seemed reasonable that I should spend a few hours learning how to teach it.  After all, the best way to learn something is to teach it… blah blah blah… cliche cliche.  First aiding fun!

I even got to sneak out on my lunch break to audition for a play, which reminded me how much fun I have auditioning.

I know that it’s weird, but I see auditions – at least, most auditions – not as stressful or intimidating, but as a really pleasant way to spend a couple of hours.  Most of that is because of the size of this town: it is very rare that I walk into an audition in St. John’s and don’t know everyone in the room, and even rarer that I don’t know anybody there.  And while I know that many of my friends don’t consider that a benefit, I love it, and here’s why:

Actors usually have to do two things during an audition: they have to prove that they’re a good actor, and they have to prove that they’re a likable person.  An audition is basically a job interview with some acting thrown in, so when the director/producer/playwright/whoever’s in the auditions doesn’t know you, you have to be pleasant and interesting… and that tends to make you nervous.  More nervous than just acting would make you.  And it’s awfully hard to be pleasant and interesting when you’re nervous.

However, if you already know the director/producer/whoever, and they already know how they feel about you as a person, then all you really have to do is act.  Which you do better when you’re not nervous.  Which you aren’t, because you don’t have to make a good first impression – only a passable 5th, or 20th, or 183rd impression.  And because you’re acting without all the nerves, you feel good about it when it’s over.  And you’ve just gotten to hang out with someone you know for 10 minutes, and you’ve gotten to do a little bit of acting.  And acting is fun.  That’s why we do it.

So… what’s not to like?