sad face.

Hello internet, it’s Monday, August 30th and guys… I’m a little bit bummed.

The reason I’m bummed is that an astounding number of people I love have left St. John’s or are leaving St. John’s in the next couple of days.  And that’s sad.

Ok, they’re all leaving for really good reasons.  School, work, better opportunities. Most of them are leaving with every intention of coming back in a year or so.  But… well.

I do a lot of moving around.  I get itchy-footed and I book plane tickets and I book jobs out of province and I fly around and get myself nicknames like “the wind”.  I leave people all the time.

And now I am getting a taste of my own medicine, and I have to say… I sorta hate it.

So, for all of my friends who are moving out and moving on to better things, I have put together this video.  Travel safe.–SEaY

(The music is The Once with Dave Cousins’ “Sail Away to the Sea”.  They are awesome.  Go check them out…. right now.)

(Also, I was just at a fantastic workshop for a play I’m writing.  Everyone was awesome, and I am SO EXCITED to work on it.  Hurray!)