Weekend of AWESOME!

Hello, Internet, it’s Monday, August 23rd, and I just had an amazing weekend.

My Friday night revelry brought me to Club V, and I was lucky enough to have my stay there coincide with visiting-from-Toronto DJ Robb G‘s set. My knowledge of DJ’d music is pretty limited, but I have to say, I’m relatively sure this guy is very, very good. He mixes live – no pre-mixed tracks here – and his product is some of the best dance music I’ve ever heard (my favourite would have to be a particularly base-heavy remix of Sir Mix-a-lot’s Big Butts). As a bonus, he seemed to be having as much fun making it as we had dancing to it; I even caught him singing along to the beat of the supporting track once or twice.

I negligently did not bring my camera with me, so I will point you towards his myspace page, where you can listen to a couple of his tracks.

Saturday afternoon, I hitched a ride out to Cupids, where I was able to take in the New World Theatre Project’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, featuring Andy Jones as Bottom.


Andy was excellent, as expected, and he was supported by several impressive performances.  My favourite part of the show was definitely Dave Sullivan as Puck; he was certainly not the usual sprightly, dancerly figure that we expect.  Instead, his interpretation of an essentially human being amongst spirits has probably changed the way I will see the character forever.  Dave was lumbering, heavy footed, reluctant to do things like “put a girdle ’bout the earth in forty minutes”, and so naturally hilarious that by the end of the show, all he had to do was show up for me to start grinning.

Having missed every other show that the New World Theatre Project did this summer (because, let’s face it, I am a carless disappointment to the out-of-town audience-seekers), I was awfully glad that I saw this one.  Seriously, guys. Good job.

After Dream, I had hoped to stay to see the free concert in Cupids that night (during which I would have seen The Once, The Idlers and The 8-Track Favourites), and then stay the night at my friends’ place and see Sunday afternoon’s matinee of Hamlet (Solo), but I got a call to work at 8 Sunday morning, and since I was hitching rides (due to the afore-mentioned carlessness), I was only able to stay long enough to barbecue with some wonderful folks before heading back into the city.

But all was not lost!  Unexpectedly, I found myself able to attend a bit of the 24 Hour Art Marathon, which was… um… AWESOME.  See below.


Thanks for making art with me, Dave!

…and then I went home to bed, so that I could get up in the morning and do a day of office work on Republic of Doyle, which is wonderful for my bank account but dull to blog about – photocopying, coffee-making, photocopying, garbage-emptying, photocopying, etc.

So, until next time, keep reading, keep watching, keep thinking!  See you Thursday!


ps. I have a super-exciting audition this evening! Wish me luck!